mostra internacional

Mim Sueca

The Mostra Internacional de Mim a Sueca (MIM) is a festival dedicated specifically to exhibit hall theater shows and street theater in which gestures, mime, body and movement of the performers are the main elements of the show and the most important form of communication with the public.

In each of the annual editions of the festival there has been presented nearly every possible stage that gestural theaters offer in all its artistic breadths and its innovative capacity as well as covered the various styles of the history of Mim. From reviews of the Greco-Roman pantomime theatre, the French eighteenth century pantomime, commedia dell’arte, clowns work … to the most innovative, cutting-edge, original and contemporary proposals of national and international  theatre companies. Shows in which the limits are not perceived between dance and theatre, plastic-scenic performances, theatrical proposals with circus techniques, etc.

The Mostra Internacional de Mim a Sueca has managed to combine the aspect of an exhibition to a general public with an interesting and formative educational program, that is why courses and master classes -addressed to professionals in the performing arts- of the most prestigious masters of the gender are scheduled, such as: Â Jacques Lecoq, Yves Lebreton, Jerry Snell, Andrzej Leparski, Joan Font, Eduardo Haro Tecglen, Carles Santos, Sergi Lopez, Sonja Kehler, Antonio Fabra, Eugenio Barba, Jorge Picó, etc.


The MIM becomes one of the most important gestural festivals of Spain, a confirmed by the attendance of more than 22,000 spectators in each of the past editions, the massive media coverage that the print and broadcast media give and the presence of companies such as La Fura Baus, Sémola Teatre and Vol-Ras (Barcelona), Stalker Stilt Theatre (Australia), Dram-Bakus, Jo Bithume and The Jacquerie (France), Yllana (Madrid), CVOCI-Mims Bojos Prague (Czech Republic), Jango Edwards and Avner Eisenberg (USA), Pantakin da Venezia and Teatro Scientifico di Verona (Italy), Xarxa Teatre, Visitants, Circ Gran Fele, Cia Maduixa or El Pont, among more than three hundred companies that have participated.

The festival, which for the past twenty-five years has taken place along the third week of September, is organized by the city council of Sueca, Consellería de Educación, Cultura y Deporte and Fundación Bancaja, and also counts with the collaboration and sponsorship of several associations and companies. The ‘Mostra Internacional de Mim’ is celebrated the third week of September in Sueca and displays shows performed indoors and in open spaces like streets and squares of the city.

The excitement of a universal gestures just 33 km from Valencia.